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Upon advise with gynaecologist, the steam of the sauna can slows down the healing of wounds due to childbirth. Whether from a normal birth or a C-Section, the wounds needs to be in dry condition for it to heal faster & to avoid any infection. The condition of a sauna, which is rather damp, can slower the healing process.

Sauna helps to improve the blood circulation all around the body, it keeps you feel warm & also helps with your skin. However, sauna session can only be done in later sessions after the wound has been completely dried to avoid infection.

Lactation massage depends on the mother. Each mother has different experience for lactation. However, you may choose to add on this treatment if you wish.

Compression socks helps with leg/foot cramps & reduces edema for new mothers. Among other benefits are :

  • Improves & increases blood circulation around the legs/feet
  • Prevent blood from clotting around the veins on leg/feet area which could cause vein thrombosis
  • Reduces leg/feet swelling
  • Helps stabilize posture during standing.

Herbal Warm Compress is also known as Hot Stone Point Massage. It is a type of massage which uses thermotherapy technique to ease aches, sores & pain on joints, muscles & soft tissues.

  • Soothing treatment for the body
  • Reduces muscle cramps
  • Reduces muscle aches
  • Helps with joints flexibility
  • Induce relaxation for mind & body

Body Gommage also known as Body Scrub. Scrub main function is to help clean & remove dead skin cells on the skin. However, there are many various functions on which it can help new mothers :

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Our own range of Body Gommage with special unique blends of herb & ingredients helps with body odor
  • Ensuring that skin feels softer & smoother after session
  • The natural & plant-based ingredients in our Body Gommage will also helps new mother to feel relax, calm & soothing
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